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Funds & Freebies

Funds & Freebies
Welcome to our hand-curated feed of freebies, contests, crowdfunding, fellowships, grants, awards and innovation incentives. Our focus is on media and social enterprise, in Indonesia and the developing world. But while combing the shores of collective intelligence, shiny objects catch our eye. Tired of reading about winners, thinking that could be you? Don’t miss out again! Subscribe to Bumi Hijau Funds & Freebies and get your daily scoop on opportunities and deadlines. Got a lead to share with this list? Drop us a tweet (@BumiHijauTV) or an email ( Keep it quality! Spammers will be blocked, reported and cursed with bad juju. We’re looking for genuine incentives and rewards for creative changemakers.

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Djuna is C.O.D. (Connector of Dots) at Bumi Hijau TV and Jungle Run Productions. Native to San Francisco and calling Indonesia home since 1998, Djuna shoots stills, catches sound, wrangles film crews, builds web sites, writes, and, in her spare time, puts poachers to work as ecotourism guides. Her best Scrabble play is "quetzals" - all 7 tiles on 2 triple words!

  • Joe Yaggi

    Wow, this is really cool. Thanks Djuna for Connecting the Dots!