Banned from filmmaking, Iranian turns to iPhone

Smuggled out of Iran, This is Not a Film tracks a day in the life of Jafar Panahi, an award-winning director banned from filmmaking for 20 years, after attempting to document the 2009 elections. Under house arrest, Panahi resorts to iPhone cinematography, and muses over the nature of creativity. The film was later shipped out via cake and USB stick, and has made a splash at Cannes and Toronto film festivals. Notes Jenny Horwell, at Quietus: “In terms of potential ‘watchability’ and enjoyment, the odds are stacked against This Is Not A Film from the start. Man in an apartment, banned from making films, makes video-diary quasi-film in order to make a political point. It could have ended up dry and worthy, but Jafar Panahi is a master shaper of celluloid reality and the subtlest of storytellers, and his first non-fiction film is a finely crafted delight.”

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Djuna is C.O.D. (Connector of Dots) at Bumi Hijau TV and Jungle Run Productions. Native to San Francisco and calling Indonesia home since 1998, Djuna shoots stills, catches sound, wrangles film crews, builds web sites, writes, and, in her spare time, puts poachers to work as ecotourism guides. Her best Scrabble play is "quetzals" - all 7 tiles on 2 triple words!